Tips For Healthy Living Both Physically and Mentally

I truly believe that the power of positivity is the key to achieving your goals and living the life you were meant to lead. When I make positive changes in my life and starting “living right”, positive changes start to snowball!

Part of living right is getting your mind right, connecting the body and the mind to help achieve your goals. It is drastically more difficult to stay on my diet or train at peak performance if I am distracted or feeling depressed. However, if I am in a positive, healthy state of mind, I can stick to my meal plan, slay my cardio, and leave the weight room feeling like a champion.

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Physical and mental health are imperative to achieving the life you’ve always wanted. It is more difficult to be in good shape if you are emotionally and mentally defeated. Similarly, confidence and self-esteem can suffer if you do not take care of your physical health.

To live the life you deserve, you need to focus not only on your physical health, but also on your mental well-being.  Good habits can help you achieve the health you deserve.  The first step is to get started. Set goals and start slowly. Take your time and soon you’ll find that your small successes will spur you on to achieve larger goals.

Physical fitness is a primary ingredient to a healthier, more balanced you. The following tips will help you increase your energy and endurance:

  • Have a routine physical with your medical provider at least once a year.
  • If you smoke, STOP IT. Even if you have tried to stop smoking in the past and failed, keep trying. You can do it and you will be glad you did!
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep does AMAZING things for the mind and the body, I promise!
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Cut back on caffeine (yes, even I have done it!).
  • Eliminate real sodas. Limit diet sodas as they can inhibit weight loss and can contain caffeine.
  • Increase your water intake, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water is one of the key ingredients to a healthy body.  Adding flavoring like Crystal Light is a treat.
  • Eat clean, unprocessed foods that are grilled, broiled or baked.
  • Eat more fruits and leafy green vegetables and consume less fat and sugar.
  • Eliminate “white” foods – white flour, white sugar, white potatoes, white bread – from your diet. Opt for healthier whole grain foods, natural sweeteners like Agave nectar or Stevia, and sweet potatoes.

Find small ways to increase your physical activity such as parking at the back of the lot at Target, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or just work a 10 minute walk into your day as often as you can.  Get a Fit Bit or Fitness Tracker and count your steps and keep track of your heart rate. You can compete with yourself or with others on steps alone! Just taking small steps each day can help you achieve your goals.  Join a gym and learn to use the equipment. Take a yoga, spin, or martial arts class. Find something you like! Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change your routine overnight, just make small changes daily and practice them until they become new habits.

If you need to lose weight or want to get healthy, get a wellness consultation and set goals. Then set forth the plan to achieve them. You can create the physical body you want, if you’re ready to get started today. Your motivation will increase when you start to see the results from your efforts.

While physical health is very important to achieve the best results, you want a healthy mind, too. When the body and mind are healthy and working well together, you feel better. You have more energy and can create more physical and mental strength.

Like a healthy body, you create a healthy mind through exercise. The more you use your mind, the healthier it will become.

Take a class, learn something new, read something challenging, do puzzles or engage in stimulating conversation with others who share your interests. This mental stimulation keeps your mind from stagnating. As you learn new things, look for opportunities to teach others what you have learned. You will retain more and grow in confidence when you share your knowledge.

Small steps in the right direction can lead to incredible success. Make fitness a priority to increase your level of energy and vitality. Raise your knowledge to keep your mind sharp and increase your self confidence. Physical and mental health are the basis to living your best life!

You can do it. I believe in you! Are you ready to get started? Email me and let’s talk!

Managing the fit life one rep at a time,


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