Mommy Fitness is Easier Than You Think

Making time for fitness as an active wife and mother can seem like a herculean task. Juggling kids, your partner, and busy work and activity schedules can make you feel like there is no time left to take care of yourself.

Some of the best cardio activities can be done with the whole family. Including your children in your routine can also instill a lifelong love of high-energy living. Kids love anything presented as a game and will adore being challenged to foot races and jumping jack contests that are secretly helping Mommy shrink that tummy and getting heart healthy. Get a cool water bottle for each kiddo and make sure they are getting their fluids and staying hydrated. If you start substituting fit foods for feel-good treats like ice cream for good sportsmanship and achieving goals, you’ll see your waistline shrinking in no time. Think of weekends at the park with your children as boot camp with the world’s cutest drill instructors and get into the groove with imaginary play or ball sports. Let them set the pace, and you’ll discover how much you’ve been missing by being a grown-up! You’ll feel the pounds melting off while you run and play, keeping your heart rate and spirits high.

Get the whole bunch involved in simple tasks like cleaning up and making the most of your resources. While you’re making your rounds every day, a good stiff broom not only gets those pesky leaves off of the front porch but tones your core. Raking leaves is a workout in itself! Add in a fun round of air squats, planks, jumping jacks, and other exercises to make it fun and keep everyone moving. Make a workout of the day list along side your daily chore list. Get the kids involved and have them pick their favorites. Do bicep curls with those canned goods before putting them away. Get the kids involved in making healthy meals and snacks. Even the simplest tasks can be optimized into hardcore workouts while you get everything done.

On the weekends, when the kids are on play dates, with grandma, or the sitter and you get those precious moments alone with your spouse, it can be the best time to bond and practice a set exercise routine together. Working up a sweat as a team gives you the opportunity to work out the frustrations of the week and get the adrenaline flowing. A little bit of sweat can do wonders for the love life of married couples, and make your relationship stronger to boot. After you get your workout on, relaxing yoga is a great way to wind down and get settled for an evening of watching your favorite television shows and essential cuddle time.

Being an active mother doesn’t have to be at the expense of taking care of yourself and keeping your body and relationship in fantastic shape.

Managing the fit life one rep at a time,

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